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About Us

Founded in 1908, The Traffic Club of Philadelphia is a professional association which promotes transportation and logistics in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington region through a broad base of members, sponsors, and volunteer officers.


To quote from the Club's Constitution "The purpose of the Club shall be to promote the interests of the transportation industry; to conduct under its auspices educational programs in the field of transportation; and to promote the transportation industry for the benefit of the national welfare."


The Club membership reflects the richness and diversity of the transportation and logistics fields. Membership is comprised of representatives from manufacturing, railroads, motor carriers, freight forwarders, steamship lines, warehouses, airlines, governmental agencies, and others.


The Traffic Club of Philadelphia helps its members connect locally and globally. Club activities, communications, and privileges are designed to afford members excellent opportunities for professional and personal development.

  • Educational Programs: The Club conducts highly informative programs during the course of the year that are highlighted by the participation of outstanding guest speakers.
  • Academic Scholarships: The Club administers a number of academic scholarships that are available on a competitive basis to Club members, their dependents, and those pursuing a career in transportation.
  • Placement Service: The Club seeks to maintain an active placement service, advising qualified applicants of job opportunities available in the transportation field.
  • Community Service: In support of the local community, the Club participates in various public service events and fund-raisers.
  • Social Outings: Golf, sporting events, and other social outings are organized for Club members throughout the year.
  • Networking: Club members can connect with other members through the LinkedIn group and the new members-only online roster.


The affairs of the Club are guided by a Constitution, Bylaws, and a Board of Governors elected by the membership. Efforts are made to ensure that this governing body has diverse representation from all facets of the local freight and logistics community.

New Members: 

All persons engaged in the fields of transportation and logistics are fully encouraged to become members of the Club. Applicants must submit a completed application form and must be sponsored by two active Club members, who provide orientation and guidance to those persons they sponsor. Persons of all backgrounds are welcomed by the Traffic Club of Philadelphia and its members.

Other Transportation Associations: 

The Traffic Club of Philadelphia makes a concerted effort to support the activities of related transportation associations such as the American Society of Transportation and Logistics, the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, the Port of Philadelphia Maritime Society, the Warehousing Education and Research Council, the Women's Transportation Seminar, the World Trade Association of Philadelphia, and Transportation Clubs International. View links to other TCI member clubs under "Links" on the left-side of our Calendar page.

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